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The Balance of Life

Live a life without regret

Life has balance in 8 major areas.



Physical Health





Mental Health


of people look back on their life with regret

How the Balance of Life works:

The Balance of Life is a 10-session training program. It can be done as a self-study or a group study (10 or fewer participants). Each session has a video lesson and sections for self-reflection, discussion, and activities. 

The program goes into detail of each of the 8 major areas of life. The program includes numerous assessments for each participant. The program helps each participant discover what balance is for them.

BONUS: You will receive discounted pricing to one-on-one coaching.

BONUS: You receive 50% off the HBK annual conference.

Why Should I Do this?

Ask yourself: Is my life in balance? If the answer is “No” you have your answer.

It is my mission to help people live fulfilled and impactful lives.
I don’t want anyone to look back on their life with regret.
Especially when there is a way to avoid it.
Let’s take this journey together. 
Yours in growth,
 Michael B. Ross, Author

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