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Every organization wants a GREAT business culture, but not everyone knows how to create it.

Your business has a culture. The question is: What is it?

Culture affects your business in these ways.

creating culture cash flow

Cash Flow

creating culture profits


creating culture hiring


creating culture retention


creating culture communications


creating culture production


Imagine if your business was full of people excited to come to work, excited to grow, and excited to follow your leadership.

What would happen if every person in your business reached their full potential?

Your business would impact the world.

Creating Culture will change your business FOREVER.

Years ago, I asked myself, “How can a business have great results and be a place people love to work?” To find the answer, I spent years studying books, articles, and journals. I attended classes, seminars, and forums. I earned numerous degrees and certifications. And, I studied under numerous mentors and coaches.

During that time, I developed theories on how to create great business culture, but as Wallace D. Wattles said, “An ounce of action is worth a pound of theorizing.” So, for the past 6 years I’ve put my theories into practice in numerous businesses around the country.

The results have been beyond what I could ask or think.

What Creating Culture attendees are saying:

Mike Harkrider Owner, ForeverLawn Austin

The biggest thing Creating Culture has done for us is get us connected with each other and with High Performance. Since working with Michael we have tripled our business and continue to grow at an exponential rate.

Bob Bertelsen Owner, A-Plus Powder Coaters

Creating Culture has helped our team have one heart, one mind, and one purpose. We have grown into a family. Our reworks have decreased, our sales have increased, and our facility has grown by 30,000 square feet.

Mark Lamoncha Owner, Humtown Products

Since Creating Culture our work environment has been enjoyable and engaging. Team members are going out of their way to help each other and working harder than ever.

Nelson Witmer Owner, Witmers Construction

Culture comes first. Everything must be built on it. Since Creating Culture we have been able to identify the right people for our team. We’ve been able to put people in the right places and we’ve become more profitable and efficient.

Business owners who have gone through Creating Culture have experienced substantial growth.

Creating Culture will get you instant access to the following:

Creating Culture: 5 Steps to a Fulfilling and Prosperous Business online video course with full transcripts.

Creating Culture: 5 Steps to a Fulfilling and Prosperous Business comprehensive step-by-step manual.

Monthly Webinars: You will have access to Creating Culture author and consultant Michael B. Ross through LIVE Monthly Webinars.

Instant Access to Creating Culture Forums: You will connect with other business people and exchange ideas, and experiences.

Bonus Content: You get immediate access to the one-time bonus material including: How to Start a Multi-Million Dollar Business with No Money; Unleashing Human Potential; 5 Business Lessons from Basketball; Living from your Essence; The Unlimited Power of Personal Responsibility; F.E.A.R.: The Silent Killer of Culture; Maximum Performance; and new bonus content every month.

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