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The next DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP COHORT begins July 15, 2019.
Space is limited

The What’s and Why’s of Dynamic Leadership

What is the time commitment?

One 6-hour classroom session per month for 2019. One 1-hour, one-on-one coaching session per month. One 3-5 page paper per month (2-3 hours). 10 hours per month (120 hours per year)

What are the requirements?
  • Must have a position of leadership in their organization
  • Must commit to attend every class
  • Must commit to monthly one-on-one coaching
  • Must commit to writing every paper (this will culminate with the Integrated Leadership Project)
  • Must commit to other members of the class
What will I get from the course?

*If all requirements are completed*

HBK High Performance Seal

Dynamic Leadership Portfolio with 12 Topical Leadership Papers and the Integrated Leadership Project Presentation Video (20 minutes)

Lifetime Membership to the HBK online membership site

Lifetime 15% discount to HBK events

What does it cost?

$850.00 per month per member for 10 months

Or 6 payments of $1,275.00 – 10% SAVINGS

Or 1 payment of $6,800.00 – 20% SAVINGS

Why this long?

Leaders need time to ruminate on the topics. Leaders need time to practice, fail, and practice again. Additionally, research shows it takes a minimum of 6 months of focus to make lasting transformation. We aren’t interested in introducing and discussing topics. We want transformation.

Why these requirements?

This course is built around the Four R’s of Learning:

Resolve – Leaders must have the resolve to change, grow, and lead others to do the same. Without resolve, they will not do the work necessary to become a great leader. We will always inspire leaders to remember their vision, passion, and identity.

Rigor – Rigor produces character. Members are required to prepare presentations, write papers, work through case studies with other members, and develop a leadership thesis. Why because it’s hard. Leaders must have a challenge to truly understand the concepts and theories discussed in Dynamic Leadership.

Relevance – This course is designed to help leaders recognize where and when they can utilize the theories they learn. It is not build to try to make students “think like leaders.” Rather, it is built around the relevance of how the principles work in their environment. Leaders are invited to share challenges and asked to give examples of how theories will help them work through their challenge.

Relationships – Relationships are the bridges for the transference of great leadership. The course connects leaders to other leaders in diverse industries. The relationships will give leaders a chance to network and look at theories from multiple perspectives.

The Four R’s of Learning serve as a foundation for our training and application of the program. They create a standard of accountability for our teachers, members, and coaches towards the goal of transformation.

Why is this important?

The HBK High Performance Seal is a coveted approval of leadership. The Leadership Portfolio and ILP can be used for in-house training, and is meant to be a foundation for further leadership growth and study.

Why this cost?

Through their diverse offerings and skill sets, HBK High Performance has helped business with the following:

  • Increased Wealth (In the past five years, HBK has helped businesses grow by over $100 million dollars)
  • Increased Retention (The average business HBK has worked with has an employee retention rate of over 95%*)
  • Increased Profitability (HBK have helped businesses increase profit margins at an average of 18%)
  • Increased Teamwork (HBK have helped companies increase productivity, communication, and goal setting)
  • Increased Customer Base (HBK’s strategies have doubled their clients customer base)
  • Increased Leadership (HBK’s leadership training develops leaders from the inside out. We do not create “cookie-cutter” leaders. We help leaders unleash the leader they’re meant to be)

The Law of Anticipation.

If you don’t invest money, you won’t invest time or effort. This program is less than half the cost of programs that offer much less. However, we didn’t want to make the program too expensive and eliminate small business owners.

You WILL see a tremendous return on investment from this program.


“Dynamic Leadership is the one biggest things that has changed me and made me a better leader. And even more exciting this feels like the tip of the iceberg.”

Conrad Troyer

Owner and CEO, ForeverLawn of Ohio

“We are experiencing a lot of change at our organization so growing in change, vision, culture, and mission has been really impactful.”

Beth Scheller

Chief Operating Officer, YMCA Youngstown

“Each month, Michael’s passion and knowledge transfers to us and we transfer it to our organizations.”

Shaun Sommers

President, Sommers Insurance Agency

“Dynamic Leadership instantly changed our companies values and made us more accountable.”

Nick Sukosd

Quality Control and Production Manager, A Plus Powder Coaters

Founder and Course Author Michael B. Ross has served in leadership roles in the U.S. Navy, NCAA and NAIA Athletics, Corporate America, Non-Profit Organizations, and the training industry. He has helped these organizations grow by an average of 120%, and helped generate over 100 million in revenue. His passion is to help leaders lead fulfilled and impactful lives.

Michael created Dynamic Leadership as an intense, focused, and rigorous course designed to embed the character and skills for great leadership in each member. This course is action oriented. Every exercise, speech, paper, activity, and discussion will be followed with the challenge, “How are you going to use this at your organization.” This follows Michael’s core belief, “It is the application of your education that makes the biggest difference in your world.”

Dynamic Leadership has transformed the lives of countless leaders. If you’re prepared to become a great leader, then apply for Dynamic Leadership today!

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