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Life isn’t what is—life is what we believe it is. Belief is our starting point. Our actions follow our beliefs. To stretch our beliefs, we have to risk. Risk is a number of things. Risk is becoming vulnerable in a relationship. Risk is handing over a role of leadership. Risk is investing in a person, place or thing without knowing if the outcome is going to work out. Risk is believing in possibilities and risking the chance that we may end up looking like a fool.

If we are going to become more, we have to risk. As our belief grows, our teams belief will grow. Our physiology, psychology, and sociology are all greatly influenced by our beliefs. If we believe with all our hearts we can hit our goals and we risk to accomplish them, our chances are good, but soon as we doubt—our physiology, psychology, and sociological begin to fight against us.

Make no mistake, your belief in yourself and the possibilities isn’t just some fluffy rainbows-and-unicorns topic. It is the foundation point of everything you do. Then, your willingness to risk is the follow up. If you want to diminish your belief, don’t risk. Don’t stretch yourself, count success as lucky. Tell yourself others are in a better territory, had a better start or had greater support. If you don’t want to risk you might as well pack it in. As Red said from Shawshank Redemption, “Either you get busy living or you get busy dying.” Risk is living life to the full.

For those willing to risk, I want to ask you to rewrite yours goals for the year. Stretch yourself and push a little harder until the end of the year. Write a few goals and say to yourself, “No matter what, come hell or high water I will reach these.” Could you fail? Yes. Could people ostracize and ridicule you? Yes. Is there a chance that you work hard and it doesn’t produce as quickly as you thought? Yes. But I don’t know about you, I would rather shoot for the moon and fall among the stars than play it safe in my home with the curtains closed, comfortable and safe.

Let’s see what we can become. Let’s believe in others, ourselves, and the possibilities. Let’s take some risks and see what happens.

I think we will like the results.