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To corrupt leaders throughout the world,

I don’t write this because I’m perfect. I’m fighting to be the best I can be and I screw up every day. I write this because I need this as much as everyone else. I also write this because I’m tired of seeing people beat down by corrupt leaders. Our people deserve the best. The good news: we can change.

Plato said, “Philosopher Kings rule the world.” Plato was not talking about a philosopher king sitting in a monastery controlling the world through telekinesis. He was saying philosophy rules the world—it is king. Your philosophy rules your political, social, economic, physiological, and psychological world. Your philosophy on leadership rules the world of those who work with and under you.

Great leadership starts with the philosophy that human beings are the most valuable, beautiful, and ingenuous creatures on the planet. Because of this, human beings are worthy of honor. As soon as you start valuing a person based on their views, race, color, political affiliation, or social status, your philosophy suffers and so does your leadership.

The Presidential Race in America is a fine example of poor leadership. Both sides have shown tremendous dishonor for one another. No one expects the candidates to agree on the issues, and that’s the beauty of a constitutional republic. You can disagree on how to protect the people’s freedoms and as long as both sides honor each other they can work together to find balance.

We expect our leaders to protect us. We expect them to show us the way. We expect them to teach us how to lead ourselves. But these candidates have continually attacked and dishonored one another. They have slandered each other and made personal attacks towards each other. Winning the presidency of the United States has become more important to them than the only thing that matters, the dignity of human life.

The same is true for the corrupt leaders out there who dishonor people by putting their selfish agendas before the service of people. The business owners who put money ahead of the people who work for them. The nonprofit leader who puts their prestige ahead of those they serve. The coaches who make the game about them instead of their players. The school administrators who play politics to protect their job instead of doing what’s best for their district.

Now to you corrupt leaders. Your selfish leadership philosophy has hurt your people. It has limited their creativity, health, and motivation. Stop blaming. Stop degrading. Stop running. Take a hard look at your philosophy and decide to change. Nothing is more valuable than human life. Take care of people and progress and profit will take care of itself.


Michael B. Ross

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