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We train and support. We take a no-trainee-left-behind approach to training. Once you've been through one of our programs, we stay connected with our clients for support and results.


Do you need an experienced speaker who can move an audience to action? We've done well over 1,000 speeches and can custom create speeches to your themes or we can repeat one of our previous topics.


Who wants cake if they can't eat it too? Your coach will help you stay balanced in your professional and personal life, so you can have the best of both worlds. We want you to have your cake and eat it too!


This one question will stir your life

A few months ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with brain cancer. He's in his early 30's with two young kids, a beautiful wife, a budding career, and friends that love him. The doctors gave him a year to live. When I heard his diagnosis I was devastated for him and...

Does the world need better workers or leaders?

A few days ago a leader (let’s call him Joe) was lamenting to me. “The younger (millennial) generation doesn’t want to work,” he said. “They’re always asking ‘why’ instead of just doing what I tell them. Then if there’s a moment of downtime they’re on their phones...

5 practices for lasting business relationships

I’ll never forget my first day in Corporate America. I was anxious, excited, terrified, inspired, along with a myriad of other emotions. Just before I left the house my Dad put his arm around me and said, “Just remember, if you take care of people, money will take...

7 wishes you have control of

Wouldn’t it be great to have a magic genie grant you three wishes? What would you wish for? Who would you help? What world problem would you eliminate? What would you do for yourself? The magic genie scenario is fun, but it also helps us keep focused on what we want...

8 ways to improve your leadership TODAY!

Leadership starts with influence. You can influence people through position, social status, skill or reputation, but that will only last so long. To increase and strengthen influence you have to touch people's heart. Remember these important points: - People rarely...

13 toxins of a bad culture

Have you ever worked for an organization you dreaded going to every day? Have you worked under a leader who crushed your confidence and made you feel unimportant? Have you been bullied, ostracized, or shunned by your team members? If you’ve answered “yes” you’re not...

What, why, and S.E.R.V.E. of Servant Leadership

WHAT IS SERVANT LEADERSHIP Servant leadership is the unwavering belief that people are the most valuable asset to any organization. A leader’s greatest service is to draw out the best of their people for the benefit of the organization. Servant leaders create...

5 keys of Authentic Leadership

I’ll never forget my first job in the corporate world. I worked under an Executive Vice President who wore many faces. In front of other leaders, she was pleasant, charming, and kind. In front of customers, she was helpful, humble, and amiable. But in front of her...

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