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Life is 5% what we see and 95% what we don’t see. True leaders see what others can’t see to help people become more than they imagine. Without vision leaders are stuck in habitual patterns of behavior and doomed to enter the future without purpose. Learn how to develop, establish, and persevere as a visionary leader.

The cost of the 4-session group is low…only $300 ($75 per session). There will be a secure ZOOM meeting room on a set day and time that the group would agree on, so TBD.
Virtual Group Coaching (VGC) is about connecting people, an antidote to isolationism and physical distancing.
It’s about building a collective think tank, solving problems with others who have different strengths than us. And developing and clarifying your vision for this time and the time to come.
VGC will build leadership capacity in empathy, strategy, and communication.
VGC is a circle- and we’re all in.
If we want better teams and more successful organizations, we must learn how to lead them well. VGC is the lab work for leaders.
Now, more than ever, an intentional, collective “we” is needed to virtually gather a dream team that can navigate this perfect storm. Please don’t miss this opportunity to build and grow in a powerful network of professionals.
One-on-one coaching sessions are also available. I know times are difficult right now and our mental, emotional, and business health is more important than ever. I also believe in times of crisis we can position ourselves and businesses for extreme growth. Let me help you do that.

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